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Ariane Beaumont-Courteau

Head Shot Ariane Beaumont-Courteau headshot
Action Shot Ariane Beaumont-Courteau action
Coach Ambroise Courteau
Birthplace Montreal, QC
Present Home Montreal, QC
High School College Jean-Eudes
University University of Akron
Club Montrea
Pole Brand UCS/Altius
Major Events 2014 Campbell Wright Invitational, Akron, OH, USA (Pole Vault) 3rd 4.13m 2013 Canadian Track & Field Championships, Moncton, NB, CAN (Pole Vault) 6th 3.90m Mid American Conference Championships, Akron, OH, USA (Pole Vault) 2nd 4.11m Beach Inv, Norwalk, CA, USA (Pole Vault) 4th 4.07m All-Ohio Track & Field Championships, Athens, OH, USA (Pole Vault) 2nd 4.10m Mid-American Conference Championship, Ypsilanti, MI, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 2nd 4.13m 2012 NCAA Division I - East Preliminary , Jacksonville, FL, USA (Pole Vault) 14h 4.05m Mid-American Conference Championships, Mt. Pleasant , MI, USA (Pole Vault) 1st 4.08m Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, Austin, TX, USA (Pole Vault) 3rd 4.10m Akron Invitational, Akron, OH, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 1st 4.12m Akron vs. Kent State, Kent, OH, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 1st 4.10m Akron Opener, Akron, OH, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 2nd 4.07m 2011 Canadian National Championships, Calgary, AB, CAN (Pole Vault) 6th 3.80m Akron Invitational, Akron, OH, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 1st 4.07m National Pole Vault Summit, Reno, NV, USA (Indoor Pole Vault) 2nd 4.10m 2010 Canadian Track and Field Championships, Toronto, ON, CAN (Pole Vault) 7th 3.90m NACAC Under 23 Championships, Miramar, FL, USA (Pole Vault) 3rd 3.90m Championnat provincial intérieur, Sherbrooke, QC, CAN (Indoor Pole Vault) 1st 4.00m 2009 Canada Games, Charlottetown, PE, CAN (Pole Vault) 1st 4.00m Pan American Junior Championships, Port-of-Spain - Trinidad & Tobago (Pole Vault) 3rd 4 m Canadian Junior Track and Field Championships, Charlottetown, PE - Canada (Pole Vault) 1st 3.9 m Nike Indoor Nationals, Boston, MA - USA (Pole Vault) 1st CR 4.17 m 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games, Pune - India (Pole Vault) 2nd 3.9 m Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships, Abbotsford, BC - Canada (Pole Vault) 1st 3.7 m IAAF World Junior Championships, Bydgoszcz - Poland (Pole Vault) 12th PR 4 m
Indoor Best Date: Mar 15, 2009
Place: 1
Height: 4.17
Location: Boston, MA
Personal Best Date: May 10, 2014
Place: 3
Height: 4.13
Location: Akron, OH
Height Date Place Location Affiliation
4.17 Mar 15, 2012 1 Boston, Massachusetts, USA Akron/Montreal International
4.14 May 7, 2016 2 Akron, Ohio, USA Sherbrooke
4.13 May 10, 2014 3 Akron, OH Montreal International
4.01 Jan 28, 2017 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada C A Sherbrooke
4 May 9, 2015 5 Akron, Ohio, USA Montreal International
4 Feb 20, 2016 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Sherbrooke
3.98 May 17, 2014 2 Ohio University Akron/Montreal International
3.97 Apr 12, 2014 3 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Akron/Montreal International
3.97 Jan 9, 2016 1 Akron, Ohio, USA C A de Sherbrooke
3.9 Mar 1, 2014 2 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Akron/Montreal International
3.9 Feb 7, 2015 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Montreal International
3.85 Apr 4, 2014 5 Akron, Ohio, USA Akron/Montreal International
3.85 Jan 14, 2017 1 Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada C A de Sherbrooke
3.82 Apr 18, 2015 13 Norwalk, California, USA Montreal International
3.8 Dec 13, 2014 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Montreal International
3.8 Apr 23, 2016 3 Princeton, New Jersey, USA Sherbrook
3.65 Nov 26, 2016 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Sherbrooke
3.6 Dec 12, 2015 1 Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada C A de Sherbrooke
3.5 Nov 30, 2014 1 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Montreal International
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