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Posted by on Apr 12, 2017 in Buy n Sell | 0 comments

2 USC Poles for sale 4 meters 165-170

I have 2 poles for sale.

USC Spirit, 4 meters, 165 and 170.

They are new. They have never been used.

When I have received them, the top of the carriage tube (upper hand) in which were the poles has been damaged during the transport.  Both poles are OK to be used. I dont’t beleive the 170 would need to be  altered however the 165 will need to be chopped a little bit.

I have paid, including cost of the poles, taxes, transport and custom clerance, $1,624.33.
I sale them  $400. for the 170 and $300. for the 165.

I got photo from these poles if necessary.

Thanks you for your attention

Jean Lussier
L’Assomption, Quebec

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